Recommendations for Prospective Skillbridge Internship Applicants:


Guidelines for Prospective Skillbridge Internship Applicants:


Before diving into the application process for any internship, it's crucial to thoroughly understand the following information. For easy reference throughout your Skillbridge journey, consider printing this guideline.


Start by asking yourself the following questions:


How do I determine my eligibility for the Skillbridge Program?


To determine your eligibility for the Skillbridge Program, engage in a thorough discussion with your immediate commanding officer and, if possible, your Commander. Be sure to ask:


  1. Am I eligible to participate in the Skillbridge Program?
  2. If I am eligible, what could be the potential duration of my participation?


Note: Please remember that participation in the Skillbridge Program is a privilege, not an entitlement. Your eligibility depends on staffing needs and mission assignments, which means participation is not guaranteed.


What is the typical duration for participation in the Skillbridge Program?


The duration of internships within the Skillbridge Program can range from 2-6 months, with the average length being approximately four months.


How can I identify the right opportunity for me, and where should I begin my search?


Many Skillbridge opportunities require relevant qualifications and prior experience to ensure you gain the maximum benefit. While numerous internships do not require specific qualifications or experience, conducting extensive research to identify the most suitable opportunity is strongly advised. During this process, keep your priorities at the forefront.


To facilitate your decision-making process, consider creating a chart highlighting your key considerations. These considerations may include:


  • Location flexibility
  • Existing skills that could enable you to secure a remote position
  • Realistic assessment of your chances to secure the internship and subsequent employment
  • Availability of a clear pathway to full-time employment
  • Potential employment opportunities post certification or upon completion of the internship
  • Financial reserves to sustain an extended job search period in the absence of immediate employment.