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About MissionShift:

Value For Veterans stands as a cornerstone of commitment, dedicated to offering employment solutions for our active service members, revered veterans, and their supportive families. Recognizing the challenges faced during the transition from military service to civilian roles, we introduced the MissionShift Internship Board. This centralized hub is specially designed for those navigating the DoD SkillBridge Program & Career Skills Program (CSP), providing a transparent platform to explore and access valuable internship opportunities. 

Entirely sponsored by entities passionate about supporting our troops, MissionShift eradicates the inefficiencies of cold outreaches and generic communications, promising a streamlined, user-friendly experience for both service members and partners. With every feature of MissionShift, from meticulously outlined internship details to an ATS system tailored for military approvals, we aim to bridge the gap between dedicated service and fulfilling civilian careers. By reducing bureaucracy and enhancing transparency, our vision is clear: champion a future where every service member seamlessly transitions to a rewarding professional chapter. Join us in our mission, and let's together ensure that every veteran finds their rightful place in the professional realm.

Our Founder, 

Dean Perry

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