At Value For Veterans, our first step is to understand your preferences and requirements for the host company you wish to partner with for the SkillBridge program. A non-DoD approved host company refers to a civilian organization that is not officially recognized or endorsed by the Department of Defense for the SkillBridge program. These companies often provide valuable internship opportunities that can help transitioning service members gain practical experience in their chosen fields.


To identify the ideal host company, we will engage in thorough discussions with you to learn about your career aspirations, interests, and the industry you wish to pursue. We will also consider your location preferences and any other specific criteria you may have. This initial consultation is vital as it enables us to tailor the search for a suitable host company that aligns with your goals and values.


Assessing Your Career Goals with the Host Company:


Once we have identified potential host companies that match your preferences, we will delve deeper into your career goals with each company. This assessment involves gathering essential information to ensure that the internship opportunity aligns with your long-term objectives.


Key aspects we will consider during this assessment include:


  1. Likelihood of Job Placement: We will analyze the host company's track record of converting interns into full-time employees. This information will help you gauge the potential for future employment after completing the internship.


  1. Internship Responsibilities: Understanding the specific tasks and projects you will be involved in during the internship is crucial. This assessment ensures that the experience will be valuable and relevant to your career development.


  1. Company Culture and Values: We will explore the host company's culture and values to ensure compatibility with your own principles. A positive and supportive work environment is essential for a successful internship experience.


  1. Opportunities for Skill Development: We will evaluate the learning opportunities provided by the host company, ensuring that the internship allows you to enhance your skills and knowledge in your chosen field.


  1. Supervision and Mentorship: The level of support and mentorship you receive during the internship can significantly impact your growth. We will assess the host company's commitment to providing guidance and mentorship to ensure a fulfilling experience.


Interviewing the Host Company and Matching with a Third-Party SkillBridge Provider:


Once we have gathered comprehensive information about the host company and your career goals, we will proceed with the interview process. Our team will conduct thorough interviews with representatives from the host company to gain deeper insights into their operations, work culture, and commitment to supporting transitioning service members.


Simultaneously, we will leverage our network of third-party SkillBridge providers in the relevant industry. Our aim is to find a perfect match between the host company and a DoD-approved SkillBridge provider that complements their sector and aligns with your career goals. This strategic pairing opens up additional opportunities for service members, as it allows them to explore various internship options within their chosen industry.


By carefully assessing the host company and expertly matching them with a SkillBridge provider, we maximize the potential for a successful and rewarding internship experience. Our dedication to facilitating meaningful connections ensures that both service members and host companies can make the most of the SkillBridge program.


At Value For Veterans, we are committed to empowering transitioning service members with exceptional internship opportunities. Our thorough and personalized approach to identifying host companies and facilitating partnerships with third-party SkillBridge providers paves the way for a successful transition into civilian careers.


Fee Structure:


At Value For Veterans, we provide our services free of charge to SkillBridge candidates and transitioning service members. 


However, host companies participating in our seamless SkillBridge process are charged a nominal fee, which helps sustain and improve our platform's services. Our mission is to empower veterans and facilitate successful transitions into civilian careers while ensuring transparency in our fee structure.