1. Sign up for a MissionShift Internship Seeker account if you haven't already.

Step 1: Fill Out Your Basic Information

1. Log in to your MissionShift Internship Seeker account.
2. Update your profile with accurate details, including your address, projected SkillBridge start and stop dates, phone number, and personal email address.

Step 2: Post Your Resume

1. On your account homepage, locate the "Internships" section.
2. Click on **"Post Resume."

Choose Resume Privacy Settings

- Private: If you'd like your resume to remain private and inaccessible to SkillBridge Organizations, select the 'No' option for privacy.
- Public: If you want SkillBridge providers to view your resume, click 'Yes'.

Step 3: Add Your Resume Title

- We suggest using a format such as USN [Your Name] Looking to become [Desired Position] Internship". For example, "USN John Smith Looking For An Automotive Mechanic Internship."

Step 4: Specify Your Experience Level

- Choose your experience level according to the position you are targeting. If you are looking for a Mechanic position but have zero experience, please choose "Entry Level."

Step 5: Upload Your Resume

- You can either upload a PDF or Word document of your resume or copy and paste your resume in text format for quick viewing.

Step 6: Add Your Contact Information

- Specify your contact details down to the postal code of your future location (if available). This enables SkillBridge providers to identify opportunities in your geographical location.

Step 7: Choose Your Industries of Interest

- Choose the industries you're interested in. If you are only focused on one type of position, feel free to select only that one.

Step 8: Submit Your Resume

- Once you've filled everything out, click on "Submit Resume."

Managing Your Resume

- To view your resume, click "My Account" in the top-right corner.
- Under "Manage My Account," click on "Resumes."

  - To Edit: Click on the pencil icon.
  - To Deactivate: Click on the white box.
  - To Delete: Click on the trash can icon.

- You can also monitor how many times your resume has been viewed by clicking on the "Reports" button in the "Activity" column.

Congratulations! You've successfully created your online resume on the MissionShift Internship Board. This increases your visibility to SkillBridge providers looking to offer you valuable internship experiences. Good luck!