Effective Internship Application Strategies: Identifying Common Challenges


If you find yourself applying to multiple positions without receiving a favorable response, it's crucial to reassess your application strategy. Frequently, the lack of positive responses might be attributed to the following common mistakes:


Ineffective Resume (Primary Concern):


  •  Avoid using generic resume templates that fail to capture your unique experiences and skills. Employers, including Skillbridge providers and other companies, are not looking for repetitive content emphasizing your ability to manage large budgets or teams.
  • Instead, curate your resume to explain why YOU are the ideal candidate for the specific position at hand. Adapt your executive summary or profile to align with each role you are applying for.


Insufficient Experience or Required Skills (Second Major Concern):


  • As in the military, where officer positions require a certain level of education, civilian roles often require specific educational qualifications and relevant experience.
  • The average employee in the United States costs approximately $28,000 to recruit and onboard, hence companies are looking to invest in individuals with transferable skills.
  • For instance, even if you've managed a team in the military and possess a PMP certification, without prior finance experience, you may not be considered suitable to manage a financial portfolio worth millions of dollars.


Unrealistic Expectations (Third Concern):


  • As mentioned above, possessing a management background and relevant certification does not automatically qualify you for high-level roles requiring specialized skills or experience.
  • Most companies that have signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOUs) with the Department of Defense for Skillbridge purposes are genuinely invested in helping transitioning servicemen and women. However, it's a complex process. As much as these companies want to assist, it's crucial for you, the applicant, to maintain realistic expectations about internships and job searches.



By addressing these key areas, you may increase your chances of success in your internship applications.